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Charcoal or Gas for Outdoor Grilling...

The folks at Kingsford Charcoal say people have an even better reason to fire up their grills this Memorial Day -- proof that foods cooked over charcoal have more BBQ flavor.

They point to a national blind taste test that found charcoal grilled foods have better BBQ flavor than gas grilling. According to the study -- which was conducted on behalf of the Kingsford Products Company by Alliance Research -- foods grilled with charcoal are preferred nearly 2 to 1 to foods cooked over a gas grill.

Participants in the study were asked to compare chicken, steak or hamburgers cooked over Kingsford Charcoal and gas. According to company officials, 65 percent preferred the chicken cooked over charcoal vs. 35 percent for gas; on steak, it was 64 percent for charcoal and 36 percent for gas; and on hamburger, 63 percent for charcoal and 37 percent for gas.

Kingsford said most tasters also agreed that the food cooked over charcoal "has a real barbecue flavor," "has a smoky flavor" and "tastes like it was grilled over a real wood fire."

Whichever way you prefer your outdoor grilling, charcoal or gas, most everyone agrees that the most convenient way to apply your barbeque sauce is by using the BBQ Buddy.

Order your BBQ Buddy now so that you can experience the ease of use and less mess during your next barbeque.

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