"BBQ Buddy" Barbeque & Grilling Tips

    It doesn't matter how you spell it "barbecue", "barbeque", "Bar-B-Que" or "BBQ". It all tastes great to the true "BBQ" lover.

     The best outdoor cooking tip anyone can give you, is to just start grilling. You will learn the most about grilling from experimentation and swapping tips with your friends and neighbors.

    While you're here, we'd like to share some tips and techniques we've acquired over the years.

     If you have any great grilling tips, please send them in. We'll post it on this page to share with other BBQ enthusists

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Grilling Tricks and Tips

  • To ensure thoroughly cooked, yet moist, pork ribs, try boiling them first (generally about 15 - 20 minutes). After boiling place them on the grill and liberally baste with your favorite sauce. Allow to cook on the grill long enough for the sauce and the flavor of the grill to come through.

  • If you don't have a smoker... Your local store probably carries wood chips specially prepared for grilling. Follow the simple directions for use to help achieve that great smoked taste.

  • If you don't wear a watch, keep a small portable clock or timer near the grill. Overcooking your meat dries it out and reduces it's flavor, plus it doesn't make for a tasty diet . On the other hand, don't under cook your foods. Raw meats carry bacteria that may make you ill when ingested.

  • When you bring raw meat outside for grilling, never place the cooked meats back on the plate you used to carry them outside. Bring a clean plate or baking sheet outside for carrying finished food back inside. (note the above tip)

  • Never run out of propane again. Keep an extra tank fuel on hand at all times. If you stock two tanks your event won't be spoiled by having to suddenly run out to refuel. The grilling can go on by simply switching tanks. (remember to refuel the empty)

  • When B-B-Qing chicken with a tomato based sauce, grill the chicken without the sauce until it is halfway cooked, then baste (using the BBQ Buddy) with sauce. This keeps the sauce from burning onto the chicken and ensures maximum flavor.

  • Quick and easy marinades: In a large plastic freezer bag, place 1/2 cup teriyaki sauce, one teaspoon of oil, and a dash of water. Close the bag and shake well. Add chicken pieces, shrimp, or vegetables and shake again. Bottled Italian salad dressing is also a good quick marinade.

  • Great with a steak... Cut a red onion in half and blot cut halves on a paper towel to soak up moisture. Place the cut ends face down in soy sauce. Leave a few minutes. Grill next to steaks.

  • Wrap potatoes in tinfoil and place them among the charcoal while you grill the rest of dinner. When potato is about 3/4 of the way cooked remove the potato, slice it open and add a slice of onion. Then return it charcoal to finish cooking.

  • When making hamburgers, impress a thumbprint in the middle of both sides of each burger. This keeps them from bulging up while cooking, and they'll cook more evenly this way.
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