Benefits of Buddy

Baste Without Waste!
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Keeps Grill Cleaner
  • Easier to Baste Meat
  • Valve & Lever Design
  • Fun to Operate

Inventor/BBQ Lover Creates Handy Barbecue Tool
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B.B.Q. Basting Buddy!
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Order Your BBQ Buddy

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Yes you can BBQ fish too! First you'll need to catch them so check out Walleye King ice fishing guide for Saginaw Bay Michigan. Yumm smoked and Barbequed. Also Try Coho Salmon over an open fire! Check out their Salmon fishing tours on the Platte River, then bbq your catch!

According to the Food Network

Henry Ford is credited with inventing
the charcoal briquet.

Charcoal or Gas?

Read information on
Properly Lighting Charcoal

The BBQ Buddy may be the hottest thing
for your grill since fire itself.

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